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A Task/Todo Plugin for Dokuwiki

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This Plugin was created by Babbage:

This Plugin was upgraded to work with the new version Release 2013-03-06 "Weatherwax RC1" of Dokuwiki and was successfully tested.
Attention: searchpattern plugin integration is deprecated since version 2014-03-17 - use new built-in ~~TODOLIST~~ syntax instead
Siehe ~~TODOLIST~~

Up to version 2013-04-13 this plugin in combination with my modified Dokuwiki searchpattern Plugin ( can be used to show and track all tasks on a single page.


Download the Plugin from download.
Unzip the ZIP file in your Dokuwiki Plugin Directory (usually DOKUWIKI-INSTALLATIONS-ORDNER/lib/plugins).

Activate the Plugin in the Administrator Panel.


Mark a text within the page and click to the Todo Symbol .

After the ToDo Symbol was clicked, the highlighted text will be surrounded by <todo&rt; Tags.

The ToDos can now be marked as done or already done todos can be marked as open.
ATTENTION: The function to mark the todo as done uses Javascript/AJAX!.

User assignment with @

With the new user-assignment function (since version 2013-04-11) can tasks be assigned to users.
This is done with the control character @ (at): <todo @person>:

Overview about all todos from all subpages with new ~~TODOLIST~~ syntax

The new (since version 2014-03-17) built-in ~~TODOLIST~~ syntax is a replacement for the ~~SEARCHPATTERN~~ integration.

Overview about all todos from all subpages

It is possible to show (collect) all tasks from all (sub-)pages on a single page and they can be completed on this page with the integration of the new version of dokuwiki searchpattern plugin.
To use this integration the searchpattern Plugin (at least version 2013-04-11) must be installed.
After the installation it can be activated by using this documentation:

Searchpattern Plugin Examples


Download current version



Ing. Leo Eibler


  Copyright Babbage (

   GPL 2 (